Use of images on your group.....why do you need it en how does it work?


Omni-Chat has the possibility to insert images on webpages or messages on the groups, so that reading on a group is more fun. Omni-Chat draws up 3 Mb per account for free.

This manual is devided in:

- Insert an image into a message.
- Properties of the images.
- Images in your profile.
- Your diskspace.
- What is hotlinking and why is it harmful?
- The use of Photobucket

Insert an image into a message:
The are many ways to insert images in webpages of messages. Inserting images in a webpage works the same as in messages.
If you are a group you can start a new thread, or you can reply to a message.The next example shows how a manager starts a new thread.
Choose the messege board where you want to start a new discussion and press the button new discussion:

If you clicked on it,  the new message appears:

1. Enter a striking topic / title of your message.
2. Please tick here who can reply to this message or who may read it. Note: this function is only available for managers.
3. Use the message format, also known as editor. Do you need more information about the functionbuttons, click > here < to read the complete manual.
4. Het veld waar tekst en afbeeldingen kunnen worden gezet.

Linking from one site to the message on Omni-Chat:
You have an image on your screen from another website. Press with your right mouse on "copy" and then go to box 4 from the image above.
Click right in box 4 en choose dor "paste" or press "control v" or choose the editor for this icon: . The image will show up and the message can be completed.

Insert through url:
You have an url of an image which you want to insert. Click than on the icon "Afbeelding invoegen/ wijzigen": and the next screen will appear:

Paste the url of the image now with the right click of with "control v"  and click underneath on OK. The image will show up and the message can be completed.

Insert from your own diskspace:
Press the icon  "Afbeelding invoegen/ wijzigen": and choose for "bladeren op server"  as shown by the red arrow:


Now you arrive at your diskspace and you can now select an image by double-clicking. The image is now displayed in the preview window. Press OK and the image appears in the textfield of the message. You can now complete the message

Insert by uploading via your diskspace on Omni-Chat:

Press the icon "Afbeelding invoegen/ wijzigen": and choose for  Upload as shown by the red arrow:

Press the button "Bladeren" to select an image on your computer. The location on your computer will be shown. Press now on "Naar de server versturen"  and the next screen will appear on your screen:

Click on OK and the image will appear in the display. Click on OK and the image will show up in the text field of your message.  You can now complete the message.

Properties of the images:

You can specify the properties per image. Through the following illustration you will learn how this works:

1. This feature defines the width of the image in pixels. If the value is of 801 or higher, the scroll bars will show up to see the full picture.
2. This feature defines the height of the image in pixels.
3. you determine the thickness of the border in pixels by entering a number.
4. Sets the horizontal space between the image and the surrounding text
5. Sets the vertical space between the image and the surrounding text.
6. By clicking on the small triangle, you can determine where the image should be shown in the message or in the table.

You can also link to a picture. Click on the LINK tab, as indicated by the red arrow:

In the box you now enter the URL of the page where you want to link to. Under "Doel" (= goal) you can choose how the page should open. To avoid that people leave your group or message, we advise to choose "Nieuw venster", which means new window.  It avoids the question: how did I came here.


Images in your profile:
To read how you put a picture in your profile, we refer to the manual > profile  <.
You can also use a photo album in your profile. If you want to read more about this subject, please click: > photo album <.


Your diskspace:
Each account has 3 MB of storage for free. To create and manage your files, uploading and managing your images and create more storage space, we refer to the> manual <.

What is hotlinking and why is it harmful?
A website is hosted on a server. The owner of the website pays for an amount of storage. On top of: the server allows data traffic till a certain limit. If files are hotlinkt from one website to the other,  you create data traffic between your hotlinkt file and the file from the website, from where you have linkt your file.
Simply said, you use something and another pays for it. It's still theft!
Often funny pictures of a website are copied and pasted into a message on the group. Then you have established a hotlink. Hotlinking happens often, but is not allowed, unless the website allows you to hotlink. Think of Photobucket, Plaatjes-upload and others.
In case Omni-Chat receives a notification of a hotlink on a group or account,  this image will be removed immediately.


The use of Photobucket:
You can read a detailed description how to use Photobucket, by clicking > here <.


If there are any questions left, please do not hesitate to contact us.

We wish you a lot of pleasure with this explanation.

Kind regards,

Team Omni-Chat.

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