To add and manage the albums.....why do you need it en how does it work?


With the function Add page, you can add an albumlist or albums for your group.

This manual is devided in:
- Create albumlist
- Create album
- Albumoptions

First you see the homesite of Omni-Chat. You can do that by clicking  ► here ◄ .

In the left corner you see:

Click on the button "Log on" as shown above and the next screen will appear:

Fill in your nickname of e-mail address of your profile and the corresponding password belonging to your owner-account on Omni-Chat. Click the tab  Groups and then on the left  on My groups.

Create albumlist:

Where can you create an albumlist and how do you do it?

If you are on the home-page, click on My groups on the left and all your groups will appear. Then click on the name of the group and then choose for Managers tools
  and the next screen will show-up.:

You can click on "Add page" and the following choices are on your screen:

Click now on "A photo albums list" and in the next page you can start the list:


Choose a recognizable name for the list. We advise not to use any strange characters or spaces. Then you decide who is allowed to start a new album and if you want to protect your albumlist against copying.
Click save to confirm your wishes or cancel to reset the page.

After you have saved your albumlist, you can organise this list on your group. Please read the manual how to manage the pages on your group by clicking  ► 
here ◄  .

Create album

If you have organised the albumlist, you can create a new album. Make sure that you are on that particular albumlist, where you want to create a new album. Now you see the function: Create a new album:

In case you click on "Edit" you are able to modify the albumlist at any time.  If you want to create a new album, click the red arrow shows.  The next picture shows how you can fill in the fields.



On the right of the albums, you can find the settings per album:

The first option is "Add Photos":
If you click on an album, the next will appear on your screen:

You can load the albums with url's from images. Click on "Add Photo's"  and you can add a hyperlink, titel and description of the image.  A preview screen you see here:


It is possible that you use a hyperlink of an image from your diskspace at Omni-Chat or from Photobucket, or from any other upload with the possibility to hotlink. You can also upload an image to your diskspace, which wil be shown in an album.

The second option is "Settings":

You can modify the settings of the albums when ever you want. 

The third option is "Delete album":
If you hit this button, your album will  be deleted. Be carefull: this cannot be undone.

The Fourth option is: "Hide album":
When you hit this bottun, the album will be unvisible for the members. The text on the button will change in "Show album"  and the name of the album will appear in read. By hitting it again, the abum is visible again.

Summary: the albums are build as such that the url's of your images are organized.

If there are any questions left, please do not hesitate to contact us.

We wish you a lot of pleasure with this explanation.

Kind regards,

Team Omni-Chat.


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