Create a chatroom ..... how does it work.


At Omni-Chat everybody has the right to create and manage a free chatroom.  Each owner determines the policy in that chatroom. The team of Omni-Chat only comes into play when the Code of Conduct has been violated.

This manual is devided in:
- Create a chatroom

Protected / Unlisted  and Registered chatrooms

- Room Scripts / RoomBots
- Chatoptions
- Using the hammer codes

Create a chatroom:

Go to the homepage of Omni-Chat and make sure you are logged in.
Click the tab "Chat" (right in the menu options).You are now at:

On the right side of the page you see the block "Chat", as in the following illustration.

Click on the first option "Create a new room" and you'll see the following screen.

It is recommended that fill in all fields. The fields marked with a * are required.
Please note:  
18+ Rooms can not be visited by chatters who are under the age of 18 years. The roomowner remains responsible for the chatroom. If you consider that a child is in a 18+ chatroom, please report this
   directly to Omni-Chat.
- Chatters with a 18+ profile, are not able to create a chatroom in Teen zone.
- If you are under the age of 18 years and you want to create a chatroom, it is recommended that you involve your parents.

Here is the explanation in numeric order according the picture above:

  1. Chatroom: enter the name of your new chatroom. You can use what you want, as long as the name is not in use.

  2. Topic: enter a description that relates to your chatroom. This text is visible in the roomlists.

  3. Welcome message: create a friendly welcome that every chatter can read, by entering the chatroom.

  4. Category: Click on   and choose in which category where you want your chatroom to be listed of even unlisted.

  5. Filter cursing: the curse filter ensures that certain pre-determined words by Omni-Chat, can't be used.  

  6. History option:  This option is not in use.

  7. Create chatroom: with this button you create and enter your chatroom.
    Clear: with this option you empty the fields and start over again.

This is how a chatroom looks like:

  1. Topic: this text is equal to the description you fill in when you've created the chatroom (see point 2 above).
  2. For everyone is the topic and is just an example.
  3. Golden hammer code: with this code you can pick-up the goldhammer. For more explanation, please read below.
  4. Chatcorner: this is roomname  you've chosen when you created the chatroom.
  5. The name of the owner of the chatroom included the gold hammer.

Protected / Unlisted and Registered chatrooms:
Omni-Chat allows you to register a chatroom. You can choose from:
- The so-called Unlisted Room. These chatrooms will never be displayed in the roomlists.
- The Protected Room. This is a chatroom that, once there is any chatter, the room immediately will show up in the roomlists. Once the room is empty, the name of the room will disappear again.
- The Registered Room. This chatroom will be permanently visible in the chatlists, even if there are no chatters. These rooms need a frequently visit.
Via the following hyperlink, you can read the conditions per roomcategory and how to request for a chatroom: ►  please click

Roomscripts / Roombots:
A script is also known as roomscript or roombot. A script is a program and works as a assist for the roomowner. You cann't be present 24 hours a day to greet the chatters in your room.
The advantages of a scrip are:

Depending on the script you choose, there are advantages.
Each script has its own method and interpretation. Here the main features:

  • You can decide at any time who gets a golden or brown hammer by entering the chatroom.
  • You can use the script for banning unwanted chatters for a period of time of permanently.
  • A script can generate text on command.  
  • You can keep-up the history of the chatroom to see when the chatter was for the last time in your room or to recognize new chatters.
  • You can log the complete text of the chat. These logs will automatically be saved in a folder of your script.
  • You can use the user age checker to ensure your target group. You can set the user age checker to ensure your target group.

There are many other benefits. The more extensive the script, the more you can manage your chatroom.
The disadvantages of a script are a matter of taste and how you look at it.

  • Some people find it annoying when every fifteen minutes an advertisement will be shown in the room.
  • Some people find it annoying to be kicked by the roombot. (p.e. age check)
  • In case of wrong setting of the script, the room can be inaccessible.
  • If somebody has changed the script without any knowledge, the chatarea can become unstable. You risk a ban because of overloading one of the chatservers.

In our Help-page there is a special block for scripts
If you want to read more about scripts, you can find the complete explanation here: ? please click ?.

You can customize the chatoptions per computer. These are stored and used for each chatroom you will visit with your pc where they have been set.
The chat options can be set via the following link:
Chatoptions  ◄ or via the button the "Chatoptions" in the chatroom.
If you want to read more about these settings, please read the  ► manual ◄.

Using the hammer-codes:
We strongly advice that the hammer-codes should be considered as PIN codes. The golden hammer shows that you're the owner and the brown hammer shows that you're the host.


If there are any questions left, please do not hesitate to contact us.

We wish you a lot of pleasure with this explanation.

Kind regards,

Team Omni-Chat


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