Explanation how to use the editor.


Owners and managers of our groups can create webpages on their group. Members can start a discussion on a messageboard. Both can be designed by using the editor, which is placed in every webpage of message.

A editor is a softwareprogram to create website and messages. As soon as you open a website of discussion, the next toolbar wil appear:

You can read the function of the buttons in Dutch, if you hover quietly over the buttons.

Underneith you'll find all functions.



View or change the source code (for advanced users).

Save page or discussion.

Creat a new page.

Preview the page as it appears on the site.

Select the template in the editor to be opened (the actual contents will be lost).

Cut selected text to the clipboard.

Copy selected text to the clipboard.

Paste from the clipboard.

Paste as plain text.

Paste from Word.

Print the page.

Undo the last action.

Redo erased action.

Search text within the document.

Search and replace text wintin the document.

Selec all in the document.

Select the text and remove all formatting.

Makes the selected text bold.

Makes the selected text in italics.

Underline the selected text.

Gets a line through the selected text.

Subscript: put the small text at the bottom.

Subscript: put the small text at the top.

Generates a numbered list.

Generates a bulleted list.

Decrease Indent.

Increase Indent.

Quote from a block of text, what someone else already said.

Insert an html div: allows you to create the background color of your page, as long as you start with this command.

Left align.


Right align..

Fill the emty spaces.

Insert of change a hyperlink

Delete a hyperlink

Insert or change an intertal link.

Insert an image.

Insert of change a flashfile (film).

Insert or change a table / framwork.

Insert a horizontal line.

Insert a smiley.

Insert a special character.

Insert a page-end. This can only be seen in a printed version of the page.

By pressing the triangle button, you can select a text style.

By pressing the triangle button, you can selecta layout.

By pressing the triangle button, you can select  a font.

By pressing the triangle button, you can select  the size of the characters.

Choose the text color by using the color palette.

The selected text is highlighted with the highlighter.

Increase the editor in the browser.

Shows the (work) blocks in the text.


If there are any questions left, please do not hesitate to contact us.

We wish you a lot of pleasure with this explanation.

Kind regards,

Team Omni-Chat.

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