Change your e-mail address ..... how does i t work?


It can happen dat you have to change your e-mail address, that you are registered with on Omni-Chat. Consider that your hotmail or live e-mail was hacked, or that you have taken a different provider.

You should be ensured that you have an active e-mail address used on the site of Omni-Chat. It can happen that Omni-Chat will contact you via e-mail. The reasons therefor may be different. It may be that you would like to receive our newsletter. It may be that you forgot your password. In tht case Omni-Chat sends you a new password via e-mail address you have specified in your profile.

It is therefore important that you always have a good working e-mail address used on Omni-Chat.

Here is the manual how to change the e-mail address.

If you're on the homepage of Omni-Chat ( you see in the topmenu the following:

If you ckick on the option "My OC Account", the "Account details" will appear:

Click on "Change the e-mail address" en the next screen allows you to fill in the details.

Please enter the data:

  1. the current "old" e-mail address.

  2. the new wanted e-mail address.

  3. repeat the new wanted e-mail address to check.

  4. the password which you use on Omni-Chat to sign-in. This is to verify that you are the person who is entitled to the account.

  5. press the button  "Change e-mail" to change the e-mail address or on "Clear ""  to start over.

After you have entered the data,  the next will appear on your screen and a confirmation will be send to your new e-mail address.

Please check if you have received an message from Omni-Chat in your inbox belonging to the new e-mail address.

NOTE  it may happen that the message is delivered in your anti-spam -, large quantities - or junk mail folders.

The email looks like this:

You can now click on the top url and your new e-mail is valid.  You get a confirmation on screen as below.

It can be that the top URL on your computer malfunctions. In this case go to the second URL (

1. fill in the validation code which was mention in your e-mail message. In this example the code is  NAbQFFqIDi. Please note that this code is sensitive for caps!!!.
2. hit the button "Validate"  and confirm your validation or click the button "Empty" to clear this field.




If there are any questions left, please do not hesitate to contact us.

We wish you a lot of pleasure with this explanation.

Kind regards,

Team Omni-Chat.


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