Emoticons during chat ..... why do you need it and how does it work?


If you are in a chatroom, you can use the emoticons. With a symbol you can show how you feel. Because you are using a picture showing a facial expression, you
prevent that your opponent draws a wrong conclusion.

An example:

Chatter 1 says: Are you back again?

Chatter 2 says: Are you back again?
Chatter 3 says: Are you back again?
Chatter 4 zegt: Are you back again?


By using the emoticon, a sentence will have a totally different explanation.

Where can you find the emoticons on Omni-Chat?

If you're in a chat room, you can click the button "Emos". You can find it as below:

A new window wil open and you see the following list:

  Description Code                              Description   Code
Smile :-) of :)   Birthdaycake   (^)
Big Smile :-D of :d   Heart   (L) of (l)
Surprised :-O of :o   Broken Heart   (U) of (u)
Tongue :-P of :p   Kiss   (K) of (k)
Wink ;-) of ;)   Gift   (G) of (g)
Sad :-( of :(   Rose   (F) of (f)
Confused :-S of :s   Hanging Rose   (W) of (w)
Disappointed :-| of :|   Camera   (P) of (p)
Crying :'(   Film   (~)
Shy :-$ of :$   Cat   (@)
Cool (H) of (h)   Dog   (&)
Angry :-@ of :@   Telephone   (T) of (t)
Angel (A) of (a)   Lightbulb   (I) of (i)
Devil (6)   Music   (8)
Tell no-one :-#   Moon   (S)
Roar 8o|   Star   (*)
Glasses 8-|   E-mail   (E) of (e)
Sarcasm ^o)   Clock   (O) of (o)
Sharing Secrets :-*   MSN Messenger   (M) of (m)
Puke +o(   Snail   (sn)
I don't know :^)   Sheep   (bah)
Thinking *-)   Plate   (pl)
Party <:o)   Bowl   (||)
Rolling eyes 8-)   Pizza   (pi)
Sleepy |-)   Soccer   (so)
Coffeecup (C) of (c)   Car   (au)
Thumbs up (Y) of (y)   Airplane   (ap)
Thumbs down (N) of (n)   Umbrella   (um)
Beer mug (B) of (b)   Island   (ip)
Cocktail (D) of (d)   Computer   (co)
Girl (X) of (x)   Mobile Phone   (mp)
Boy (Z) of (z)   Thundercloud   (st)
Left Embrace ({)   Lightning   (li)
Right Embrace (})   Money   (mo)
Vampire :-[ of :[   Applause   (h5)
Handcuffs (%)   Fingers crossed   (yn)
Rainbow (r)   Sun   (#)
Sigaret (ci)     Emoticons zijn MSN    
Turtle (tu)          


Right to the image you see the meaning of it. The next column shows the code. By typing that code you see the emoticon.

An example:  Welcome in our room  (f) appears as : Welcome in our room .


If there are any questions left, please do not hesitate to contact us.

We wish you a lot of pleasure with this explanation.

Kind regards,

Team Omni-Chat.


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