Group settings ..... why do you need it en how does it work?


Owners and managers of our groups can arrange the group setting as they wish.
On this way you decide whether and how your group is visible on the internet.
 You can delete your group here too.

This manual is devided in:
- Where do you find the groupsetting on Omni-Chat?
- Your group settings
- Delete your group

Where do you find the group setting on Omni-Chat?

If you are logged in with your managers-account on de home-page of Omni-Chat, you can click on "My groups" in the left column.
You'll get a list of all your groups.
Click on the name of the group, which group you wish to modify.

The left column will show the function: Manager tools

If you click as the red arrow shows,  you see on the right: "Edit your group settings".

Click again as the red arrow shows and you get the group settings.

Your group settings:

In the next screen you can go ahead with group settings.

1. Description: here you can create a nice description of your group.
    Example: enter the kind of people you're looking for or the theme of the group
and continue on the next box.

2. Here you can define width of the left column.This option is only available for owners.

*  There where you see the red star * tick your choice.

3. Click on little triangle and choose hit the window and choose a category where you want to see your group.

4. Fill in some words so that your group is easier to find in search engines.

5. Click on "save" if you want to confirm your settings, or click "Cancel" to start over again.

Delete your group:
The last part of the option group settings, is designed to delete the group. It is not necessary to emty the group, prior to deleting the group.  Enter the password of the owner account en press "Delete the group". You need to confirm the request in a pop-up screen. Be careful because this action can not be undone.

When the group is deleted, the next will appear on your screen:

If there are any questions left, please do not hesitate to contact us.

We wish you a lot of pleasure with this explanation.

Kind regards,

Team Omni-Chat.

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