Create a group on Omni-Chat ..... how does it work?


Each member of Omni-Chat has the right to create a free group on Omni-Chat.

This is the manual how to create a group on Omni-Chat.

Make sure you are logged on the homepage with a valid account.  Click from the homepage of Omni-Chat on the tab "Groups".


This brings you to the index page of the Omni-Chat groups. In the centre of that screen you see:

Follow the next instructions:

  • Fill in by 1. the group name as you wish. Warning that there is always: in front of that name and everything you type in this box will be shown after the .com. Choose a clear aptly name, preferably without spaces or strange characters. Realize that p.e. a space will show up as 20%. Where possible, replace the space with a - or _ by and avoid strange characters as much as possible. This creates a nice link for your new group.

  • If you click by at 2. the button "Create group" you confirm your request and the group is booked in your name. If you want to start over press the button "Empty".

Once you have clickt the button "Create group" , you will see confirmation as shown below.

 Full automatically a confirmation email will be sent to your inbox. Make sure you've received it.

Note: it may happen that the message is received in your anti-spam -, large quantities - or junk mail folders!!!

The message looks like this:

Dear Omni-Chatter,

This is a message from Omni-Chat.
You have created a group / community at Omni-Chat Groups.

The name you have chosen for your group / community is:

You can start right now! Go to Have_a_nice_time  and start creating your welcome page.
Omni-Chat is currently busy developing and completing all the functions on the groups. We will keep you informed!

With kind regards,

Team Omni-Chat.

Keep this message carefully.


When you log in on the home page of Omni-Chat, you can click on the left column on "My Groups". You can also click on the tab "Groups" and then click on the left under the flags as the red arrow shows:

You are now on the list of your groups and you can now choose the name of the group you want to visit. At the end of eacht groupname you see a .
If you click on the star, you go straight to the page "What is new" and you see the en zie je de latest happenings of your group.

By clicking on "My Groups" you can start building your group. For other functions we refer to the

Please note that there is a manual > Group setting < which will help you whether and how your group is visible on the internet.

If there are any questions left, please do not hesitate to contact us.

We wish you a lot of pleasure with this explanation.

Kind regards,

Team Omni-Chat.

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