Member settings ..... how does it work?


Anyone who is owner, manager,  assistant or member of a group on Omni-Chat,  has  determined the member setting at the moment that the membership request was send. Underneath you find the manual how to change the member settings.

To change the member setting of a group, you need to be logged in on the home site of Omni-Chat. You can do that by clicking  ►
here ◄.

In the left corner you see:

Click on the button "Log on" as shown above and the next screen will appear:

Fill in your nickname of e-mail address of your profile and the corresponding password belonging to your account on Omni-Chat.
There are two ways to go to your groups:
- via the home-page you can click on My Groups;
- click on the tab "Groups" and then
in the left column on "My Groups".
- click on the group name on which you want to view of modify the member settings.
In the left column you can click on "Member tools"

The next screen will appear:

Of you click on "Member settings" you will see the next:


Fill in your preferences:

  1. shows the email address where you want to receive the e-mail from that the group.

  2. put a tick here if you want other members to see your email address. The owner and managers of the group can always see the email address.

  3. put a tick here how you as owner, manager, assistant or member would like to be informed about messages in your group.
    As a group owner chooses for to receive all messages in the inbox, the weekly summary will not be sent.
    As a group owner chooses to receive a daily summary, weekly summary is also automatically transmitted.

    As a group owner chooses to receive a weekly summary, no daily summary will be sent.

    As an owner of the group chooses to read the messages online, the weekly summary will not be sent.
    Tip: The owners are free to forward the weekly or daily summaries to the other managers.

  4. press "Save settings" if you wish to save or "Reset" if you want to start over.

  5. Press the button "Cancel my membership" if you want to leave the group. This option cann't be undone. If you really wanted to remain a member, you have to apply for membership again.
    he owner of a group does not see this button. If an owner wants to leave the group, he needs to close the group. This function is in the "Group Settings". Underneath is a red square, where you can close the group. By filling in the password, you can delete the entire contents of the group. This option cann't be undone.


You can change the settings at any time.



If there are any questions left, please do not hesitate to contact us.

We wish you a lot of pleasure with this explanation.

Kind regards,

Team Omni-Chat.


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