Change your nickname (accountname) ..... how does it work?


It is possible that after a while you want to change your nickname and / or modify. This is possible on Omni-Chat.

Note: your nickname may be changed only three times in sixty days. Fill it in carefully. Make sure that you enter the name correctly!!!

Make sure that you are login on the website of Omni-Chat. In the menu you'll find: "OC Account".

If you click as the red arrow shows and you get the following on your screen:

Click here on "Change your nickname" and the next screen will appear.

Fill with 1. your new desired nickname and make sure that you write it correctly.

Click with 2. the button "Change nickname" or "Clear"  to confirm your new nickname or start over again.

After confirming the new nickname, the following confirmation will show up.

Please note ...... the red underlined text!!!


If there are any questions left, please do not hesitate to contact us.

We wish you a lot of pleasure with this explanation.

Kind regards,

Team Omni-Chat.


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