To accept a new member to your group ..... how does it work?


If you own a group on Omni-Chat, it's nice when you have people who can participate in discussions on your group. In the group settings you can indicate whether someone first should be a member of your group to read / post. You can also choose to have this done automatically.

This manual is devided in:
- New members
- Currect members

New members:

The accession of new members depends entirely on your group setting. Below you see the manual, how to work as an administrator. Note that this manual is not written in case of automatic acceptance of members.

Once a new member of your group has applied for membership, you as owner / manager receive an email as shown below.

  • At 1. you can see what nickname wants to become a member.

  • At 2. you can read the comment from any prospective member.

  • At 3. you can go to the list "Waiting members". Make sure you're logged in on the homepage and using your administrator account to access the next screen:

  • 1. Shows the name of the prospective member.

  • 2. Shows the ee-mail address of the prospective member.

  • 3. Gives you the ability to add a role to the prostective member. Here you can choose from:
        O  assistant
        O  member
        O  banned
        O  remove

  • 4. Click on the button "Save" to save your settings and confirm the possible acceptance of the waiting member .

  • 5. Displays the date when a person has joined your group.

Current members:

If you click on the option "Current Members" you will see the list of members of your group:

  • Column 1. : here we see the nicknames of the members of the group (including the owner).

  • Column 2. : displays the e-mail addresses of the members who show their e-mail adress in a group.

  • Column 3. : shows the role of members within the group. One press on the folding screen allows a role to change the "Save" to adjustments to confirm.

  • Column 4. : displays the date when a person became a member.

If there are any questions left, please do not hesitate to contact us.

We wish you a lot of pleasure with this explanation.

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Team Omni-Chat.


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