Your diskspace ..... how does it work?


To let the messages or web pages be more fun, Omni-Chat has the ability to upload images to the server or to insert images into the messages. Here is a manual to make it easier to upload files, organize your diskspace and make is easier to place your images. This manual is devided into three parts namely:

  I.  Creating and managing your folders.
 II.  Uploading and managing of your images.
III.  Create more diskspace space.

How to do this?

- C
reating and managing your folders.

Make sure you are logged in on the homepage of Omni-Chat and with a valid account and click click in the left column on "My diskspace" of on the tab "Groups" en then as the red arrow shows.

In both cases the following screen appears:

  1. By clicking you can select a source type. We distinguish the following source types:

    File: meant for files.
    Image: meant for images.
    Flash: meant for flashfiles.
    Media: meant for movies and musicfiles.

    You can make your choise here and  you enter the storage of that source type.

  2. Here you can create folders for each source type and within a folder create subfolders.  By clicking you can also delete a (sub)folder.

  3. In the left column you can select a folder. The name of the directory you're in, is displayed in the yellow bar.

Other features in this field are described below.

- Uploading and managing of your images.

Click on "Create New Folder" and in the screen can appaer the question to allow a temporary script window. In that case click "yes" and the following screen appears..

You can now assign a name to that folder and then click "OK".  The folder will move alphabetically in the list..

Upload an image.

Each account has 3 MB of storage.  To upload to your storage, first select what type of resource you want to upload. Then click "Bladeren" to browse.

To upload an image works as follows:

First make sure that by number 1. the correct source is selected, number 2. is the root of your storage place and the numbers 3. - 4. gives your active location..

Before you start to upload, create a folder on your computer where you collect all the images you want to upload to your storage. Be sure that the images do not have any strange characters in the description. Choose short names and only use - or _ between the words in order to improve readability.

Then click on "Bladeren" and find the file you want to upload. Once these are found and selected, in the "Upload a new file in this folder" should appear the correct path where the files are located.
Now click "Upload" and the file will be uploaded in your storage on the Omni-Chat server.


- Create more diskspace space.

Per account on Omni-Chat there is 3Mb of diskspace free of charge included.  If that is insufficient, you can easily and cheaply buy more space. You can keep all your images on your group together in one account.  How this works, is explained below.

Go back to your storage space as explained above.  Click on  "Extraopslagruimte": and you go straight to

Here you can make your choice and if you are done, the following text will appear:


Here you can specify how much storage you want. Make your choice and the following text will show:

Just the cost at a glance:
10 MB: The cost of this order: total 1.50. You will receive 1 text message that costs 1.50 per message.
20 MB: The cost of this order: total 3.00. You will receive 2 text messages that costs 1.50 per message.
40 MB: The cost of this order: total 6.00. You will receive 4 text messages that costs 1.50 per message.

The content of the final screen also contains the method to expand your storage space.


If there are any questions left, please do not hesitate to contact us.

We wish you a lot of pleasure with this explanation.

Kind regards,

Team Omni-Chat.


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