The use of Photobucket ..... why do you need it en how does it work?


Each account on Omni-Chat has standard 3Mb diskspace to place images in the messages. If that is insufficient, you can order extra diskspace at Omni-Chat. If you want to read more about ordering diskspace, please click  ►  here ◄  to read the manual.
You zcan choose to upload files till 1 gigabite on Photobucket.

This manual is ivided in the following items:
- Register at Photobucket
- Upload the files
- How to use images in a message or web page on Omni-Chat
- Tips for using Photobucket

Register at Photobucket:

Go to the website of  Photobucket or click
here ◄.
You see this page en click on  "join now".

You come on the next page, where you enter name and password, then click "next  step".

Then you come to a page where you can fill in your details. Finally, click "I accept. Sign me up!".

You will automatically receive an email with your user ID and password. Keep this information carefully.

Upload the files:
Once you have registered, you can return to the site and log in to Photobucket.

Enter your name and password and possibly put a check mark if you want the computer to remember these details. Click on "Log in".

You are logged in on Photobucket. You'll see a big blue button "Upload images & videos". If you click on it, you can find files on your computer and select which should be uploaded. You can select multiple files at once. When you are finished selecting files, click Upload.

How to use images in a message or web page on Omni-Chat:

After completing the upload, you go automatically into your account on Photobucket. You will see the page with your files. If desired, you can set captions.

There are four options for  files using on Omni-Chat.

1. Double-click the file that you want to use Omni-Chat. Click with your right mouse. A window open now and choose Copy. Go to the site or the message on Omni-Chat and
   click "paste" and the image appears in your screen.

Double-click on the file that you want to use Omni-Chat. Next to the file you see the data as shown here:

 Select and copy the html code and paste it into your HTML layout of your web page or message to Omni-Chat. If you want a background, paste the HTML code in the
   properties of the frame or table.

Double click on the image you want to show on your group on. Select and copy the direct link and paste it into an album on Omni-Chat.
4. Double click on the image you want to show in your profile on Omni-Chat. Select and copy the direct link and paste it into your profile Omni-Chat. Give a short name and press "save changes".

Tips for using Photobucket:

- Photobucket allows you to create albums and organise pictures.
- Using the search function you can use others' images. You can copy to your own album and then use on Omni-Chat. This avoids that a used image in an album of somebody else will be removed, with the result that
  you no longer see the picture on Omni-Chat  no longer see picture.
- You can install the bulk-upload.
- You can also upload video and they can be pasted into a message on your group.

If there are any questions left, please do not hesitate to contact us.

We wish you a lot of pleasure with this explanation.

Kind regards,

Team Omni-Chat.


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