Add a new message board, managing your message boards and messages..... What is it all for and how does it work?


This manual is divided into:  
 add a message board
 edit a message board
 start or edit a discussion
 move answers
 overviews on What's new

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Add a message board:

With the thia feature you can create your own message boards for your group.

Where do you find the function: Add new message board on Omni-Chat?
First of all, go to the home site of Omni-Chat. You can do this by clicking ► here

In the left corner you will see the following:

Now click on the button "log on" as you see above and then the following screen appears :

Here you enter the nickname   or e-mail address and password which corresponds to the managers account. Then click the tab "groups and then in the left column on my groups. You can also use the home-page directly to click on ""My groups"".

Now, select the group that you want to manage the pages and now click on:   Manager tools    and the next screen shows up:

Now click on "Add page" and you will see the next choice:

Click now on "A messageboard" and you can get started with the following screen:

First give the new message board a descriptive title. It is recommended that you choose as little as possible foreign characters or spaces. Then you tick who is allowed to start a new discussion and tick if the message board needs to be protected against copying. With everyone here is meant all members. Press "Save" to keep your setting of "Cancel"  to start over.

Now you can give new message board a spot on your group. For a detailed explanation about the management of your pages, you can click  ► here ◄.

Edit a message board:

If the message board is in place, you can get to work. Make sure you are on your message board. You should now see the edit function: Edit.

Now click as the red arrow shows and you can rename your message board. The naming in the left column and in the url will be modified. 

Start or edit a discussion:

Everything is now in readiness to start a new discussion. Click on "New discussion" as the red arrow shows:

A new screen opens with the following information:

Give your discussion a clear title. After that you can specify who is allowed to answer on this discussion and who may read the discussion.
Please note that each new discussion default set up is to allow members to start a discussion and then everyone can read it. With everyone is meant non-members too.
Change the setting per discussion!
- If you specify that only managers are allowed to read the discussion, the message will be hidden and not appear for everyone on the message board.
- If you specify that assistant managers are allowed to read/reply the discussion, all managers can read it.
- If you specify that members are allowed to read/reply the discussion, the message is only visible for the members of your group.
- If you specify that everyone is allowed to read and answer the discussion, the messages are to read also for non-members (not applicable if your group is closed).
  If you choose this option, non-members also can answer, provided they are registered on Omni-Chat.  Non-registered users can only recommend a discussion of an open discussion in an open group.

Then you get to work with the editor. The explanation how to use the editor (message format) you can find it:  ►
Don't forget to click below on "Save" or "Cancel" , to save your discussion or to cancel it.

You can always go back to a message. The following functions are possible:

1. Answer: you can respond to a message and by using the editor you can design the message.
2. You can highlight a discussion by recommending it. You do not need to be logged on or to be registered with Omni-Chat.
3. A discussion can be adjusted afterwards. For owners and managers there is no time bound and is this always possible. For assistant managers and members
   is  the time limit one hour for a message to check and adjust it.
   On the right you see the option to hide, delete or move a discussion.
4. By clicking on delete, you delete the entire discussion from the board.
5. By clicking on hide, you hide a discussion or a message for your members. The message appears in red text in the list. This option is only
    available for owners, managers and assistant managers.
6. By clicking on move, you can move messages to another discussion or message board. More detailed information can be found further in this manual. You can also click ► here
7. When you're done on that message board, you can immediately switch to another message board. Click s the red arrow shows and you can see the message board overview.

Move answers:
Owners and managers have the possibility to move an answer in a discussion to another message board or discussion on the group. Each answer has this possibility and you will find that on the right, as shown below.

Through an example we try to explain what you will see on your screen. In a very short time it is calculated how many messages there are in your group. In the example below there are 2679 messages spread over 134 pages. On the bottom of the screen, you can browse through these pages.

You can enter text in the boxes "Messageboard"  and in the box "Discussion". This makes is possible for you to search in all message boards of your group and shows what matches. This helps you quickly to find a discussion. Click on the discussion and the nxt will appear on your screen:

Now click on "OK" to confirm your selection or "Annuleren" to undo the choice. You will immediately go into the newly moved message. The original message remains as it was: time of posting and name of the poster remain unchanged.

Overviews on What's new:

To have a good overview on all boards, discussions and messages for the users or managers of the groups, is the "What is new" made.

This page can be found at the top of the left column of each group. When you click on the "What is New" button, you can view all new topics.

1. New messages:
This you find that the top of the page and looks like this:

The first block contains the last 10 posted messages from that group. You can see who has done the last posting and the date on which the last posting was made. Begins the name of a message with "Re" it is an reply to an earlier message. By clicking on a message, you will switch directly to that posting within the discussion.
Once a message is posted it shows new message. Once it has been read it shows: new message. It lets you see at a glance which messages you have not read yet.

2. Subjects with last changes:

In this block you will find the latest 10 subjects, also known as topics. Here you can see which topics hade recent replies or which topics have been started recently.
Once a message is posted it shows new message. Once it has been read it shows: new message. It lets you see at a glance which messages you have not read yet.

3. Display all discussions:

By clicking the button "Display all discussion", you get a new page on the screen, where all discussions of that group are listed. These are in descending date in other words the last changes discussion is on top of the list.
Once a message is posted it shows new subject. Once it has been read it shows: new subject. It lets you see at a glance which messages you have not read yet.

4. Display all message boards:

By clicking the button "Display all message boards", you get a new page on the screen, where all message boards of that group are listed.  These are in descending date in other words the last changes message board is on top of the list.
Once a message is posted it shows message board. Once it has been read it shows: message board. It lets you see at a glance which messages you have not read yet.

If there are any questions left, please do not hesitate to contact us.

We wish you a lot of pleasure with this explanation.

Kind regards,

Team Omni-Chat.


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