Register at Omni Chat ..... how does it work?


To participate on the groups at Omni-Chat, you need to be registered. If you perform the following steps carefully, the registration will be smoothly.

Click on the name: Omni-Chat
 ◄ and the next screen will show up. Click than on "Create an OC account"as the red arrow shows:

Now you get a screen where you can fill in your information according to the example. The fields marked with a * are mandatory.

After you have clicked on the button "register" you will receive a notification e-mail in your mailbox  with the validation code. Please note that you check the mailbox that belongs to the email address you have specified with you willed in the registrationform.
Make sure that Omni-Chat is added to the list of trusted senders or check to see if the email ended up in "junk mail". The contents of the email is as follows:

Now click on the link as in the example above to complete the registration.

You will now be automatically forwarded to the site of Omni-Chat and you get the message that the validation is oke. It is recommended that you keep the chosen name and password carefully.

Signing up can now begin. Press the button "login" and fill in the following screen in the data.

Now you go back to the home page and you can choose where you want to go, by clicking on each tab, or a choice of the right or left menu.

If there are any questions left, please do not hesitate to contact us.

We wish you a lot of pleasure with this explanation.

Kind regards,

Team Omni-Chat.


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