Registered chatrooms ..... where is it for and how does it work?


You can have online contact in chatrooms with people, without giving your email address msn-account.

You can become an owner of your onw chatroom. You decide who may enter the room. You decide what is allowed in the room and that isn't
This, of course, as long as the Code of Conduct is not exceeded.


This manual is devided in:

- Code of Conduct
- The different chatrooms
- Requesting for a chatroom
Fill out application form

Code of Conduct

Everyone has to respect the Code of Conduct of Omni-Chat. These are our houserules and you can read them > here <. If you believe that someone has violated these rules, inform the roomowner. If the roomowner reacts not adequate, you alwals can inform the team of Omni-Chat. In that case it is important that you can prove your complaint.Click > here < if you want to read more about this subject.

The different chatrooms

Omni-Chat offers the following chat rooms:
- registered chatroom
- protected chatroom

A registered chatroom is a room which is shown permanently in the chatroomlist. If you want a registered room of your own, you need to know the criteria. You can read these criteria > here <.

A protected room will appear in the chatroomlist when someone enters the room and will disappear when the last chatter has left the room. The name of the chatroom is noted and no one else but the owner can claim that roomname. If you want a protected room of your own, you need to know the criteria. You can read these criteria > here <.

Requesting for a chatroom

If you have read the roomcriteria and you are sure that these criteria are no problem, please feel invited to request for your own chatroom.

In the right part of the homepage you see the Help tab, as the red arrow shows:

On the next page you can find answers to all your questions. Now click on "Chatrooms on Omni-Chat":

You can now read everything through. After that you can go to the > registration application form <.

Fill out application form:

In the head of the informationpage you can click on
registration application form. Click as shown in the next image.

Directly opens a new screen with the following information:

Vul dit nu uiterst zorgvuldig in.  Hier volgt een uitleg wat je per vak in moet vullen.

1. Here you fill in your name.
2. Here you fill in the email address as in your profile.
3. Here you enter your nickname as in your profile on Omni-Chat.
4. If you click on the triangle, a folding window wil open and you choose the category in which you want your room classified. Here you can also choose that your chatroom will not be shown in the lists.
5. The name of the chatroom.
6. Here you fill in the nickname ow the roomowner.
7. Enter a short motivation why you want this chatroom. Here you can also specify whether you need help with the startup of your room.
8. Press the "Send" button and wait for the team of Omni-Chat contacts you.

If there are any questions left, please do not hesitate to contact us..

We wish you a lot of pleasure with this explanation.

Kind regards,

Team Omni-Chat.

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