Scripts on Omni-Chat. 


What is a script?

A script is also known as bot or roombot.  A script is a program where as roomowner can delegate your tasks to for your chatroom. It is impossible  to be present  24 hours a day greeting your chatters and watching your chatroom.

This manual is devided in:

The usefulness of a script:

The benefits depend on the script. Each script has its own method and interpretation. Here are the main options:

  • you can create your own greeting or topic.
  • you can change the hammercodes at any moment.
  • you can decide at any moment who can have a gold hammer or a brown one.
  • you can ban other people and is you whish permanent.
  • the roombot can generate text on command.
  • you can keep the chathistory to see if someone is new in your room or someone has changed the nickname or to see when the chatter was last in your room.
  • you can log the chattext en keep them on your computer.
  • you can use the age-checker to ensure your target group .

And so there are plenty of opportunities and benefits. The more extensive the script, the more you can manage the room.

disadvantages of a script:

The disadvantages of a script is a matter of taste and how you look at something.

  • Some people find it annoying when every an advertisement displayed in the room every 15 minutes.
  • Some people find it annoying to be kicked by the bot (p.e. age-checker)
  • In case of wrong roomsetting, it could be that the room is inaccessible.
  • When adapting the script without knowledge, you risk that the environment can be the unstable. You risk a ban on the overloading of a chatserver.

Again its best to call more points. The most important thing is: the less knowledge the more disadvantages when using a script.

Where do you find the scripts on Omni-Chat:

Omni-Chat Room offers its roomowners free scripts. These are easy to download from the download page.
This page can be reached by clicking  ►  here ◄.
You can download scripts via the table below.

Can you use a different script from the internet:

You can use an another script. You need to integrate the connection of Omni-Chat in your script. Note this is not without risk. No one will insure you that the script will work properly. Knowledge of mIRC and the language for scripting is recommended. It might be unnecessary to say, but Omni-Chat is not responsible for the negative consequences and will declare any damage to the chat server to the user.

Where can you find help about the scripts on Omni-Chat:

For now there is no support for scripting. In the helpdesk or feedback you can always ask a question.

How can you back-up your script:

In most cases, the script is installed in C: Program Files. Click with your right mouse accurately to that folder and copy it to an external drive.

Which script is sufficient to your room:

You can script divided into 2 categories:

  • Protectionscript : it protects and controls the settings of your chatroom.
  • Gamescript : to play games in your chatroom. It usually offers no protection options.
    If you work with a gamescript, is it nice to create your own file with questions. On the internet you can find enough questions, which you can put in a textfile in the folder of the script.
    However pay attention that the name of the file should be equal to the original file and the path to the questions refers also correct.

Can you have multiple scripts in your room:

You can have multiple scripts in your room. You need to ensure that they do not to work against each other or avoid unnecessary flooding (= overload the chat server). If you choose two scripts at once, make sure they do not control the same functions. For example: You put a protection script and a game scripts in the same room.

How do you install  a script:

This differs per script.
The use and settings are different for each script.


Please select a script from the following table.
By clicking the download button, you can download the file on your PC.

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If there are any questions left, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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