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To participate  a conversation in the chatroom of Omni-Chat, you need  to install the chatsoftware first.  You get a notification prior to entering the chatroom.Please note that browsers like Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome supports the software not in all cases. An alternative to this problem is the browser Internet Explorer, who works at each operating system on the way you want.

The following example is an explanation of the most common things you can have as new chatter:

  1. By clicking on "More chat ooms" you see the roomlist and you can visit the rooms.

  2. By clicking on "Leave", you'll leave the chatroom.

  3. By clicking on "Chatoptions" you can determine your chatpreferences p.e. your font or colour. Click  > here < to read more about this subject.

  4. By clicking on "Emo's", you can see which emoticons you can use during the chat. Click > here < is you want to read more about this theme.

  5. By clicking on  "Find a friend", you get in a new screen. There you can enter the name or a part of the name and you can check if your friend is in a chatroom on Omni-Chat.

  6. By ckicking on "Music", you can choose a radiostation en listen to the music during the chat.

  7. By clicking on this mutton, you maximize  the chatscreen. The sms-bar will disappear from your screen.

  8. Shows howmany chatters are in the chatroom.

  9. By first left and then right clicking on the name of a chatter you can successively:

    • View the profile
    • In the whisper (= chat in separate window so that others can not read)
    • Ignore the chatter.
    • Mark the chatter (= the chatter will get a green checkmark for the name and every sentence will be highlighted). This is especially nice if in case it is busy in the chatroom.
    • Local time (= the time on the pc of that chatter).

    If someone as a guest in the chatroom, he/she has no profile and cannot see profiles.

  10. In this screen appears the text of the conversation in the chatroom. If you do not see the emoticons anymore, you can click with your right mouse and clear the screen. They will be displayed again.

  11. Here you can type your text. Click ENTER or SEND and your text will be visible to the other chatters.
    If you click on the exclamation mark the text will be displayed in the purple,  italic and in the third person.

  12. This is the SMS-bar where everyone can put a message in. Click > here < if you want to read more about it.

If there are any questions left, please do not hesitate to contact us

We wish you a lot of pleasure with this explanation.

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