Become a member of a group on Omni-Chat ..... where is it for and how does it work.?


You can find many groups on Omni-Chat sorted in various categories. 
Each manager determines the rules for his / her group.
These rules apply in addition to the  Code of Conduct of Omni-Chat.
It is common for any visitor or member of the group to respect these rules.

This manual is devided in:
- Types of groups
- All categories
Applying  for membership

Types of groups:

The application of membership depends on the settings for each group. There are three possibilities:
Anyone may view and become a member of this group without the permission of a manager.
Anyone may view this group but needs to be approved by a manager to join.
Nobody can view this group without first applying and being approved for membership by a manager.

All categories:

If you click on the tab Groups, you can go to the categories, where you can browse through the groups. If you like a group, you can apply for memberships. Depending on the setting of that group, you can immediately take advantage of the group or you must wait until the owner has allowed you.
These are alle categories:

Applying  for membership:

First you need to be logged in Omni-Chat with a valid account. First you click on the group you like and the next screen will show up:

Klik zoals de rode pijl hierboven aangeeft en je krijgt het volgende in beeld:

  1. shows the email address you registered  with on Omni-Chat.

  2. put a tick here if you want other members to see your email address

  3. put a tick here how you want to be kept informed about messages on your group.

  4. here you can enter a message to the groupsowner such as why you want to join.

  5. read the Code of Conduct  and accept these by placing a tick here.

  6. by clicking on the button "Become a member" you confirm your application for membership of press "Cancel" to undo the application.

After clicking on the button "Become a member" the following confirmation will appear:

If you go to "My Groups", you will see the list of your groups. In case the owner first must approve you request, your status will remain: waiting. Once your membership is approved, the status changes to member or assistant manager or manager. Here you can still undo your application, by clicking on the status "waiting".



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